Castillo de Molina 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

Price: Around $12

Color: Pale yellow

Nose: Tropical fruit and herbsCastillo-de-Molina-2009-Sauvignon-Blanc

Taste: Good fruit flavor and with nice mineral notes. Balanced with a smooth finish.

Summary: I had the pleasure of enjoying this wine with a couple of friends on my recent trip to Chile. We enjoyed it (strike that) I mean we devoured it, along with a delicious smoked salmon dish. Could not get enough of this wine. Goes beautifully with salmon by the way.

On my next trip to Chile I’m absolutely making a stop a Viña San Pedro. I had some great experiences with several of their offerings on this last trip. If you see it on a shelf, pick it up and don’t look back! Take it home, chill it, and thank me later.

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