Chile Wine Tour

Well you’ve decided to take a trip to Chile. Take a couple of wine tours, see some sights, a little skiing, maybe visit the incredible southern panoramas of Chile.  Where do you start?  Well, you are starting on the right page.

Make it worth your while

You’re probably flying along way to get to Chile. Make sure you make the most of your trip. works with Chile’s most experienced tour operators to bring you tours of Chile’s wine country that you will never forget.

November through March are great months to visit. Summers in Chile are mild and the warmest months are January and February.  Visiting  late February through April will allow you to partake in the harvest festivals.

This may be your only trip to Chile in this lifetime.  Make sure you see everything you need to see! Contact us for more information.  We can help you make the most of your trip. All trips are conducted by bi-lingual tour guides.

Standard Tour Packages – Custom Packages on Request


Maipo Valley

The Maipo Valley, approximately one hour from Santiago, is home to traditional and modern wineries. Its red wines are world-renowned for the elegance of its Cabernet Sauvignons, the gentleness of its Carmenere, and the balance of its Syrahs.

Winery visits include: Odfjell, Aquitania, De Martino, Antiyal, Almaviva, Haras de Pirque, El Principal, Tarapaca, Concha y Toro, Cousiño Macul, Santa Rita, and others.

Aconcagua Valley

The Aconcagua Valley, located approximately 1.5 hours north of Santiago, is known for its small and medium-sized wineries where the quality of their wines speak for themselves. Close to the La Campana National Park and the Termas de Jahuel hot springs, this valley invites outdoor activities.

Winery visits include: Errazuriz, Von Siebenthal, and San Esteban.

Casablanca Valley

The Casablanca Valley, located one hour west of Santiago, is known for the production of white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Its cool climate and diversity of productive zones help in the adaptation of different varieties.

Winery visits include: Veramonte, William Cole, Indomita, Viña Mar, Villard, Casas del Bosque, and others.

San Antonio Valley

The San Antonio Valley, located an hour from Santiago and just 50 minutes from the port city of Valparai­so, is known for its production of elegant Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.  Just 20 km (12.5 miles) from the Pacific Ocean, the region is clearly marked by a maritime influence and a diversity of soil types that allow for white and red wines of extraordinary quality.

Winery visits include: Matetic, Casa Marin, and Garcés Silva.

Colchagua Valley

The Colchagua Valley, located 200 km (125 miles) south of Santiago, is considered the home of the Chilean huaso, or cowboy. The region tends to produce more red wines than white.  A major cultural development has taken place in recent years with the expansion of gastronomic and artistic activities.  The town of Santa Cruz, in the heart of the region, is home to a typical harvest festival every year, as well as a local gastronomic fair with wine tastings and a wide variety of traditional activities.

Winery visits include: Viu Manent, Montes, Viñedos Organicos Emiliana, Casa Lapostolle, Mont Gras, Bisquertt, Casa Silva, and others.








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