Chilean Aerial Tragedy

You probably have already heard.  This past Friday, September 2 around 6pm, a plane carrying 21 people aboard, crashed into the Pacific Ocean while trying to land on San Juan Fernandez Island aka Robinson Crusoe island.

I hesitated mentioning this on this blog as it really does not relate to Chilean wine. However, keeping on eye on Chilean news via Chile’s Television Nacional (TVN) international satellite feed and the Internet, I have come to the realization that this tragedy is much bigger in scope than it first appeared. Chileans as a country are in mourning.

Aboard the flight were members of the TVN staff, Levantemos Chile (a non-profit group dedicated to the economic stabilization and infrastructure rebuilding as a result of the 2010 earthquake), Chile’s Ministry of Culture and Chile’s Air Force.

What brought all these passengers together was a mission to assist in the redevelopment of San Juan Fernandez, which was badly crippled by the earthquake’s tsunami.

To put this in perspective for those not familiar with Chile, losing Felipe Camiroaga would be akin to losing Matt Laeur, Jay Leno, and David Letterman on the same flight.  A funny, talented, and generous individual. He was known for using his celebrity for charity and advancing the causes of Chile’s most needy.

His life and the lives of those that accompanied him are worth celebrating. They will be missed.

Here’s a toast to those that give more than they take.

Felipe Camiroaga

Roberto Bruce

Sylvia Slier

Carolina Gatica

Rodrigo Cabezano

Felipe Cubillos

Sebastian Correa

Catalina Vela Montero

Joel Lizama

Jorge Palma

Joaqui­n Arnolds

Gloria Carolina Di­az Riffo

Romina Irarraizabal Faggiani

Jose Cifuentes

Rodrigo Fernandez

Carolina Fernandez

Juan Pablo Mallea

Eduardo Jones

Erwin Nunez

Eduardo Estrada

Flavio Olivo

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