Eyzaguirre 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

Chilean Wine in the Sack

Price: Around $7

Color: Deep red

Nose: Spicy and berries

Taste: Nice soft tannins right up front.  On the dry side with a balanced long lasting finish.

Summary: This wine feels pretty well balanced for being a sub $10 cabernet.

This wine will pair very well with a nice pasta dish. I’m actually enjoying it with a hearty tomato based vegetable stew that I cooked up two days ago.  The base is mostly leeks with tomato and carrot.  It also has potatoes, corn, Peruvian beans, cilantro, a little lemon juice, pepper and salt.   It is wonderful going down with this wine.

At $6.99 pick up a bottle or two. By the way the little burlap sack is a throwback to olden days when glass jugs in Chile were covered with burlap to help carry them and maybe buffer each jug from the other and breaking from contact.

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