Gato Negro 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: Around $6

Color: Deep Cherry

Nose: Peppery blackcurrant

Taste: I aired this out in my glass for an hour and it may need some more time.

Summary: I picked up this bottle from my parents home, hey, they weren’t home.  In retrospect I should have taken a more expensive bottle from their bar but I see it as my job to report on ALL Chilean wines…not just the good ones…

This wine has medium body and a nice soft tannin finish, however, a lingering metallic taste is part of the finish, which I just did not care for.

I poured half a glass as usual, and have had about 3-4 sips as is my usual tasting routine. I’m going to stop tasting now and let the rest sit for another hour, unless there is noticeable improvement on the taste, I’m going to throw it out into the sink.

Ok.  I’m back after an additional hour of aeration.  Nope, on second tasting, the tannins felt more bitter than they had earlier and the taste had not improved. Sorry Black Cat. You’re outta here!

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