Hacienda Altavina 2008 Carmenere

Price: around $4

Color: Purple

Nose: Spicy blackberries

Taste: Smooth, really rolls off the tongue nicely.  Good tannins, you’d think this bottle was a few years old.  Fairly balanced.  Good flavor

Summary: At $4 yes its a table wine. And not a bad table wine at that.  This goes great with any hearty meal.  Stews, meat and potatos.  Not a bad Carmenere especially at $4.

This wine can only be found at Fresh & Easy stores to my knowledge.  Last week I tasted their sauvignon blanc and was very disappointed.

Some will say, Boris, what do you expect for $3.99?  If it makes it to a store shelf, I expect a decent every day drinker for $6 (from Chile).  Which the blanc was not, but this Carmenere makes up for that experience.  Don’t be afraid to try this one.  Another Chilean wine value has been found.

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