Kaara 2009 Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc

Price: Around $10

Color: Very pale yellow -almost colorless

Nose: Apricots, peaches and strawberries

Taste: Lots of fruit.  Like a white sangria character, without all the sweetness. Feels full in mouth.  Tangy and crisp.  Real nice acidity.

Summary: Today was about 88 degrees Farenheit in my part of Los Angeles, and I thought to myself…I am not drinking enough white wine.  Specifically a chilled Chilean white wine while laying on a lawn chair.  So on my way home I stopped by BevMo and spotted this interesting blend.

Very glad that I picked it up.  I really like how the Sauvignon Blanc cuts the Chardonnay fruit in just the right way.  Adding minerality and complexity to what would probably have been a drab Chardonnay.  From the label “In Chile, native Quechua speakers used the word kaara to describe not just a person’s face, but the being behind that face-the mind-the soul, the person within.  Kaara was a means of breaking down social distinctions, and recognizing the inner-quality and equality that binds us all.”

Well put.  Now pour me another!

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