Las Huertas 2008 Sauvignon Blanc

Price: Around $10

Color: Pale yellow

Nose: Green apple and citrus fruit

Taste: Fullness in mouth.  Soft mineral, soft but lively fruit, smooth, long finish.

Summary: The strongest character this wine possesses is balance, from the initial taste and subsequent sips,  this wine was right on.  It has no sharp edges in terms of acidity or mineral traces. Everybody is sure to like this wine.

If you hurry, you can probably pick up a few of these at BevMo.  Currently on sale for $9.99 with coupon, which they provided complimentary at the checkout counter.   I liked this wine so much, I went through three of them in one weekend.   No not by myself.

Las Huertas is a result of harvests from both the Casablanca and Curico valleys.  Its bottled by Vina Los Vascos.

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