Montgras 200 Bicentennial 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere

Price: Around $10

Color: Deep ruby red

Nose: Cassis and vanilla

Taste: Medium bodied with good flavor.  Silky and nice on the finish.

Summary: Dry with young tannins that should age well over the next couple of years.  But it is drinkable now.

I wasn’t planning on doing two Cab/Carmenere blends back to back, but it just turned out that way.  BevMo had this on sale, two bottles for $20.   This wine is well priced at $10.  Though you do get more than $10 worth!

Just so happens that this one is also 70% Cab to 30% Carmenere on the ratio, like the Montes blend I tasted a couple of days ago.

This wine was released in honor of Chile’s bicentennial anniversary of its independence.  I’m a little surprised that I have not seen more commemorative releases like this.  Then again, I’m in Los Angeles, for all I know the supermarket shelves in Chile might have loads of commemorative releases.

It originates from Chile’s Colchagua valley and it’s rated at 14.5% alcohol.  And even though BevMo doesn’t pay me a stinking nickel, I would recommend you pick up two of these at the current price!

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