PKNT 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: around $8

Color: Deep red/purple

Nose: Black cherries and cedar

Taste: Tannins are right up front. Not too dry. Medium bodied. Noticeably lacking in fruit flavor.

Summary: This wine is 90% cab and 10% carmenere. And quite honestly this blend does not work for me. The Carmenere undercuts the cabernet fruit too much in this wine, giving it a not quite Cab and not quite Carmenere feel to it. Ok. So its a blend, but its not an interesting blend. Not happening in my taste buds.

I wish the the producer would label the bottle with the varietal blend and percentage.

This Chilean wine is not quite sure what it wants to be. If you do have a bottle don’t open it just yet. I think a nicer character will develop in this wine in another year or two.

The name…PKNT…pronouncing these letters sounds like “Picante”. Hence the chili pepper logo and playing on the name of Chile. Interesting marketing strategy, hopefully their other wines are as interesting.

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