PKNT 2009 Chardonnay

Price: Around $6

Color: Pale yellow

Nose: Melon, pineapple and tropical fruit, nice bouquet

Taste: Buttery vanilla, full bodied with a chameleonesque acidity

Summary: Another warm day in Los Angeles is forcing me to reach in the fridge for a cold Chilean white.  On tap today was PKNT’s 2009 Chardonnay.  What’s this?  Do I taste malolactic fermentation? Pretty rare in Chilean chardonnays but too common in California chardonnay’s.  I had to go back to the bottle to check..nothing there..I went to the producer’s website and there it was.  Half the juice underwent malolactic fermentation (MLF).  After many years and many great buttery California chardonnays that underwent MLF, I have a hard time with many chardonnay’s that are not MLFd!.  How uncouth of me.

Normally selling for around $7, I picked it up on sale at Jon’s Market for $5.  Funny, this wine tasted great with the salmon that I had for dinner, yet when I poured myself another glass a few hours later, to drink on its own, the acidity which blended so well with the salmon seemed to have changed on me.  Not bad…just not as pleasant… Buy it, drink it with a good piece of fish…you’ll love it…those are the conditions of my recommendation.  You have been warned!  :0

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