Puerto Viejo 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $9.00

Color: Deep Burgundy

Nose: Berries and spice

Taste: Chocolate and spicy.  Dry and a little tart.

Summary: I poured myself two glasses.  I had the first glass after 15 minutes.  The taste was ok but it felt like it needed additional aeration.

I waited two hours before tasting the second glass.  This time the feel in the mouth was softer, the tannins loosed up and it felt more balanced.  The finish lasted longer.

My only complaint (and not a strong one at that) is that a stronger than usual scent of alcohol was present.  At 14% this cabernet has a higher alcohol content than most cabernet’s at this price range from Chile.  Enjoy this with a hearty meal.

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