Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Price: Around $11

Color: Deep Red / Maroon

Nose: Plums and blackcurrants and berries

Taste: Well balanced fruit flavors with a smooth finish.  Medium body

Summary: I poured myself a glass and forgot about it as I got busy doing something else.  I got back to the tasting about two hours later.  Wow, what a nice roundness and fullness in the mouth.

The silkiness of this wine is really nice.  The balanced taste and roundness in mouth is really nice to find in this price range.  This Cab is on par with many $20 Cabs.  At this price, I’m picking up a few more bottles.  You should do the same.

What’s up with the name?  Root 1?  Well as the story goes…Chile is considered to be one of the very few parts of the grape growing world that was not affected by Phylloxera.  This disease wiped out most of the world’s original grape vines, causing growers to have to graft vines onto generic rootstocks.

This wine is descended from grapes grown from original Cabernet Sauvignon rootstocks.  Umm, I can almost taste the centuries.

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