San Pedro Exportacion 2009 Moscatel Sauvignon Blanc

Price: around $4

Color: Pale yellow

Nose: Citrus and tropical fruit

Taste: Thin and refreshing. Light and airy. Juicy in mouth with a very nice sweetness that is very well balanced with the acidity in the wine. Nice mineral tones.

Summary: This is a really beautiful wine that is a great accompanyment to seafood, particularly seafood empanadas, which I enjoyed along with this wine on my recent trip to Chile. Serve very chilled.

I don’t know if this wine is currently being imported into the United States, which is ironic given its name “Exportacion”. It would be a shame if this wine did not make it to the US. What an incredible buy.

The Moscatel and Sauvignon Blanc blend is really nice.

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