Trader Joe’s Found Object 2010 Syrah

Trader Joe’s Found Object 2010 Syrah

Price: Around $7

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Color: Deep red – purple

Nose: Blackberries and red fruits with hints of eucalyptus

Taste: Medium bodied with tannins that let themselves be known. Very dry with plum fruit flavor. Earthy and chalky. Long finish

Summary: Trader Joe’s has a history of making good purchases on Chilean wine. They’ve had some hit and misses with their private label Vinas Chilenas line but overall they do well in sourcing low cost Chilean juice that tastes good. The Found Object wine is made by Vinedos Errazuriz Ovalle and to my knowledge they have a Syrah and a Carmenere available at TJ’s. I haven’t tried the Carmenere yet but this Syrah is not happening.  There are several things of interest going on in the palate, however, it is off balance with too much earth, not enough fruit.  I’m no enologist but I think if they had made this a 80% Syrah to a 20% Cab, we would be tasting a much nicer wine here.

Product of Chile’s Colchagua Valley.

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