Veramonte Ritual 2008 Pinot Noir

Price: Around $10

Color: Dark red-violet

Nose: Floral, menthol, and strawberries

Taste: Good acidity with smooth tannins.  Good fruit flavor. Round in mouth. Smooth finish.

Summary: I tasted this wine twice, first at room temperature and later after cooling for an hour. Without a doubt, the cooling really brings this wine together.  At room temperature it felt flat, after chilling, the fruit flavor really came out. The finish was longer and smoother after chilling. I’ve been chilling all of my Pinot Noirs as of late, I think most of them benefit from a one-hour chill prior to serving. But I digress, this is a very good Pinot Noir at $10.

Ritual is a product of Chile’s Casablanca valley. It is rated at 14.5% alcohol content.

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