Visit to Santa Rita Winery

What did I like best about visiting the Santa Rita winery?  The beauty of the place?  The history?  The food?  The beautiful day? The learning experience?  The wine? Well…YES!

The above photo is of the inside courtyard at Viña Santa Rita. Through the doors on the left you can enter the restaurant, Doña Paula, which offered a great culinary experience. The main house pictured is over 200 years old. Built in the colonial Spanish Mission style. It has very thick walls, wood beam ceilings, beautiful gardens.

My cousin, his fiancee, and I arrived just in time for the Lunch/Tour option. We dined at Restaurant Doña Paula which is housed within the main house at Santa Rita. Its over 200 years old. Doña Paula Jaraquemada owned this estate. The story is that in this house, Doña Paula helped the Chilean revolution by hiding out 120 soldiers led by Chile’s founding father Bernardo O’Higgins. You may be familiar with Santa Rita’s 120 line of wines. Yup, named after the 120 soldiers.

The lunch was absolutely great. We ordered the Osso Bucco, fish, and I can’t remember the third dish to save my life. I can tell you it was much better than I expected. Everything was great. I’ll leave it at that. Complemented by a Santa Rita wines of course.

I’m guessing maybe a third of the patrons at the restaurant were from the US based on conversations I could overhear.

The tour was bi-lingual, with our guide switching between English and Spanish. One of the nice and somewhat unique aspects of the Santa Rita winery tour is that they take you from the grapes in the field, through the wine making process and out to the assembly line where you actually get to see the wine being bottled. I took several photographs of the assembly line, but because the bottles were moving so quickly and I didn’t have the correct setting on my camera setup, they came out blurry. Except for this one here.

Of course no old winery is complete without the gothic cellars. And Santa Rita has them alright. Along with a couple of spirits flying around.

Lastly, the wine shop. The Santa Rita winery wine shop is located in the subterranean basement of the old house. It is in this same space according to the store workers where Dona Paula hid the 120 patriots.

Had a wonderful time at the Santa Rita winery. Don’t miss it if you get down to Chile. Get more information here.

Have you visited Santa Rita? What did you think?

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