Wines of Chile Online Blogger Tasting of Chilean Red Blends

Some of the tasty samples

Last week I took part along with several other wine bloggers in an online/conference tasting hosted by Wines of Chile.  Hosting the event was Fred Dexheimer from Wines of Chile, and direct from Chile via video conference were eight highly regarded Chilean wine makers.  They included;

Brett Jackson from Valdivieso, Marcelo Retamal from DeMartino, Ricardo Baettig from Estampa, Aurelio Montes from Montes, Ricardo Rivadeneira from Maquis Lien, Luca Hodgkinson from Hacienda Araucano,  Cesar Morales from Emiliana, and Grant Phelps from Casas del Bosque.

This is what us Bloggers saw

The format of the tasting was in the form of video conference via the web.  With Fred hosting from NYC, the Chilean winemakers in Santiago, and us bloggers chiming in from the comfort of our respective homes/offices.  Bloggers were able to ask questions for the winemakers via Fred, and we could also communicate with each other.  I thought it was great to able to compare tasting notes in almost real-time with other bloggers.  It was pretty amazing how at times the bloggers were right on the mark with each other.  As bloggers we picked up some great information and learned quite a bit about each winemaker’s take on their respective blends. Why they do what they do, how market forces affect their assemblage choices, how classical music affects wine during aging (yeah really), and much more.  Good stuff.

Fred toasts the Chilean miners

What made this tasting extra special was the fact that the Chilean miners were being rescued during the tasting.  The last miner was pulled out during the tasting.  I have a feeling our Chilean winemakers were itchy to be with their families and be watching the events unfold on television, but they hung on till the end.

Chilean Wine Makers

Before the tasting started Fred offered up a toast which everyone took part in to commemorate the joyous coinciding event.  You can see the winemakers in the photo as they toast their fellow Chileans being rescued that night.

The tasting was focused on the following eight Chilean Red Wine Blends.

  • Valdivieso 2005 Eclat
  • De Martino Single Vineyard Old Bush Vines Las Cruzes 2006
  • Estampa Gold Assemblage Carmenere 2008
  • Montes Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere 2008
  • Maquis Lien 2006
  • Hacienda Araucano Clos de Lolol 2008
  • Emiliana Coyam 2007
  • Casas del Bosque Gran Estate Selection Private Reserve 2007

I will be posting my tasting notes and typical ramblings on these wines over the next week .  You can see my first post on one of the wines sampled, Emiliana 2007 Coyam here.

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